Wednesday, April 28, 2010

9 by Design

I am blissed out with this:

9 by design

maybe it's because I want to have a big family and I love the idea of loving the chaos of having a big family. Or maybe it's that Courtney and Bob think so out of the box it's inspiring and refreshing. Or maybe it's because they are so hip, funky and creative.

Their designs, home fashion and ideas are breathtaking and phenomenal...check them out on Bravo.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy turns to working woman

In some areas of my life I feel confident and comfortable, mostly when it comes to being a mom and a wife. but in others I am a work in progress....

I recently have taken the plunge in going back to work...but for myself. I was never good at having a boss, taking orders, being on time, going to work parties - it's just not for me. I like the more freelance, entrepreneur, working for myself taking risks kind of gig.  I wanted something that I can still be a mom and be with my kids and make my own schedule, be my own boss, throw my own parties, and answer to my self and to my husband (because he kicks ass) but with that comes pressure, headaches, responsibility, accountability and freedom.

Anyways, today I decided I better make some more cold calls - not my forte but hey it comes with the territory. I have to boast, my first call was very interested and I hope to close the deal tomorrow (my hubby wants me to "eat what I kill" or some salesy BS. If anything, it taught me a lot. This cold call just might have given me a little bit of confidence to make a few more cold calls in the coming days. How many "YES" will it take to make me a little more confident in business?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gone Baby Gone

Yesterday we celebrated Toby turning ONE! Here are some of the highlights....there was only ONE sad part...Toby is no longer a baby but now a toddler :(

Amazing cupcakes by Jenny

Gorgeous view brought to us by Kate Sessions Park
 Amazing company with friends and family


Thank you to Moonwalk Services for the great food and jumpy!
Happy Birthday my Toby Joss - We love you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get Up and Dance

I don't have much to write about - I am actually a little brain dead. The past couple of days have been very stressful here at the Edelson's - I will share why soon, just not yet. In the end it's been a good stress. Nothing bad has happened, my hubby was given choices, hard choices, choices with effects...and of course he made the right choice and I am so proud of him...I admire him and he inspires me by his strength, intelligence and loyalty.

Tonight we watched last night's episode of Glee and it was exactly what I needed. I sang along to all the songs - I LOVE Madonna. It reminded me of how much I use to love to go out to dance. How music just moves us in so many ways. Our body, our minds, our souls and you know when you're sitting in your seat wanting to jump up to's time to go out and boogie and feel young and alive again!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i HAVE to share this - my very aware and conscious girlfriend Allison posted this on her FB page and I had to share it..that's what this is all about...getting the WORD out to the world. This message is so important and so well said! Please share this and get the WORD out!


Thanks Allison!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


random weekend highlights

earth day was awesome, one of my favorite SD events!
2 awesome new companies I really liked today from earth day: retail stuff of course :)
Positive Energy local mom and daughter company and Peter and I really dug BottleHood

I am not a baseball fan but today I enjoyed a beautiful Sunday at the b-game with Peter, my girls and some friends.
Peter sending me to the Hyatt to get a mani/pedi while he took the girls around seaport village! That's where we got married so it's always a fun place for us to go back to. We showed Valencia the exact spot, she seemed a little confused so we thought we would show her our wedding video. It's the only thing she wants to watch, hilarious!

Toby started clapping this weekend and pointing to the kitchen and showing me what she wants to eat/snack on...I now spend most of my day going back and forth to the kitchen to satisfy her cravings...she has me wrapped around her little fingers!
And highlight so far for this week to come
Excited about having a mommy and Valencia night on Thursday - going to boogy and rock out to Elmo....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birds chirping...

I'm awake. It's 6:18 am and I'm awake. I have been awake since 4:30 am though, which is not too unusual. The baby, almost toddler :(-, usually wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30. I feed her a terrible habit I need to break, even though I think she just wants to be cuddled. She goes back to sleep for another hour and usually it's 10 minutes after I have finally fallen back to sleep.  How am I going to break this terrible habit when I try to wean her?! Good thing I went to bed at 9:30 last night...oh what an exciting Friday night!

I do love Saturdays! It's so much fun when we get to do fun stuff with Peter! He has so much energy and is always up for an adventure. Like today I am sure once I make us get all of our errands out of the way he will find some fun event/function/gathering/park to do. He already has mumbled in his half asleep state, as I sit in bed typing away, that Sally's and the Spa at the Hyatt in downtown (where we got married) is having 50% off of all food/spa/hotel rooms today since the Padres won last night. Ohhhh did he say spa???? We might have to go check that out!

Soon this household will be full of vigor and vim ~ hope you and your family have an exciting or relaxing weekend ahead of you!

P.S. Don't forget about Earth Day tomorrow at Balboa Park - click here for more information.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I love change....I have talked about this before and the urge for change has creeped upon me. I am ready to make things work the way I want them to in my life. I also believe that you can design your desired beat to your life's rhythm. At times it may take longer than what you expected but like the Grateful Dead says "all good things in all good time".

I want to grow my business... not like weeds grow but like a beautiful strawberry tree growing slowly into an interesting sculptural form...becoming twisted, gnarled and lovely in maturity. Like this tree I want layers to slowly formulate the right business to make me learn, grow, and empower me to follow my dreams and give my family an extra sense of support and success.

I want to grow a garden, let my kids run around in the sprinklers on a summer day, sip on ginger beer, laugh, discuss life and share real and honest moments - I currently have great moments but I crave the right space to enjoy more of these moments with my family and friends. I am creating the right space to allow all this into my life.

This year I want to laugh a little more, cry a little less and live in the moment of NOW. I have been reflecting a lot this year and I am sure I will continue this journey of reflection, change, and living the dream of what I will conquer.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Roots and Sol Top 10 Weekend highlights

In random order...

1. Going out for dinner and drinks with friends that I love spending time with, having funny and adult outlandish conversations with....

2. Having family take Valencia out for a good time and dinner. Knowing she is spending quality time with some of the people I love most in my life.

3. Spending hours talking with Peter about life, our goals, our happiness, our dreams and aspirations.

4. Having lunch with my aunt, mom and my girls and than shopping.

5. Seeing Toby turn the corner and make an energetic recovery from her virus.

6. Spending time working on my business.

7. Watching Valencia dance, sing, paint, color and play harmoniously.

8. Watching the Masters for 5 minutes on a 3D TV and getting a rad Time Warner swag bag.

9. Getting my new ring fitted - thanks babe!

10. Having a peaceful breakfast this morning with my hubby and two girls - singing "there's a party in my tummy - how yummy how yummy" (yo gabba gabba rocks).

Have a great week! Besos Roots and Sol

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scrapbooking HELP!

I need some help!! I have started Toby's scrapbook. I usually always do digital books but this time I wanted to do everything by hand. I haven't made a scrapbook in a long time. So I could use any ideas - blogs with modern ideas, helpful stores, anything that can spark some creativity and eclecticism. 

I literally have just started with only the basics- I have a long way too go! Looks like Michael's here I come ~!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kids, Birthdays, Presents, Ideas....

I have so many birthdays coming into my life. Besides Toby's Birthday, it is also going to be my brothers and one of Valencia's best buds Reid. So I found some really cool birthday ideas I thought I would share.

I am always looking for fresh, cool, modern stuff for presents and delightful party supplies.
Party Supplies is a hard one. There isn't too much out there that's new and original. The only party supple store I found that I was drawn to is Plum Party. Let me know if you know of one that I don't! I have found some really cool party idea blogs! Just a few: Hostess with the mostess is great! The Purl Bee, and papery and cakery to name a few...

Etsy has some really cool handmade Birthday banners which has motivated me to try and make my own- we'll see if that ever evolves...
Cool Mom Picks has come up with a rad Baby shower baby gift guide, this list is mind blowing, seriously...try it.

If you need to buy your mac loving friends (wink wink) a gift check out this new mouse:
Apple Magic Mouse
and if your a high roller gift giver you can give this: ipad.

You can never go wrong with a gift certificate to the Apple store.

I am really into the organic, eco-friendly, different and funky kiddo gifts right now. Check this! Coolest Lunch Boxes - Yubo

I love these car toys and have gifted them many times.

Maybe it's because I have a baby but I love these:

And one of  my favorite gifts that was given to me was this bling teether!

This is a good start to my gift guide...there will be more! Happy shopping! I will let you know what I buy for my upcoming birthday buddies!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I feel the earth move under my feet...

Pretty crazy earthquake right? It was scary, yet exciting. We (even Cooper) were sitting at a red light in PB coming off a lovely Easter picnic and at 3:43pm...the Honda Pilot started rocking and rolling, I knew what it was right away... It was the first quake I have been through. I remember when I was little watching on the news when SD & LA where hit with a big earthquake - I remember thinking to myself I would never live there, those places get EARTHQUAKES??!!!! And here I am.

That has been a reoccurring theme in my life here and there. Maybe that's normal for everyone. I guess that's where the saying 'never say never" comes in. You just never know in life. There's always twists and turns and surprises around every corner. Life would be so boring without them. The good and the bad. If you don't know one you don't know the other.

Anyways, a new week has begun and my own twists and turns have started. Toby  is sick again, even though I think it's tied to nasty teething. She has all the symptoms. Fever, diarrhea, biting my nipple off while b-feeding (which I krazy glued back on) and anything else she can get her mouth on. Poor little one. Poor nipples...
Valencia is still on spring break, thankfully she goes back on Wednesday. Even though that nasty fascinating three year old thing is slowly diminishing here and there - it's not a constant crazy out of control all the time whirlwind tantrum and whining. Now it just comes and goes in waves, kinda like an earthquake come to think (and write) about it. We now can actually have a full morning without throwing, kicking, screaming, farting, bleeding, and crying. Hallelujah!