Friday, December 25, 2009

Traveling Part 1

Thank you MPE for taking us to the airport I know it was hard! Saying goodbye was hard and I so wish you were here with us!

We made it to the homeland.  We had some rough patches but overall having to travel for 24 hours I must say my girls did pretty good. Toby breastfed 8 out of 10 hours on our first leg of flights and Valencia didn't sit still for those 8 out of 10 hours. Thank G-D for my parents - well mostly my mom who helped me tremendously!~ I couldn't of done that alone!

We left the house about 7:30 am, our flight left out of LAX at 2:40pm. Peter drove us up there and we were one of the first ones that must have checked into that flight. We got awesome seats and didn't have to wait in any crazy lines, the perks of having small kids. We traveled with LAN airlines. They were fantastic! We had a lot of waiting to do but it went by fast. There were a ton of little kids traveling and Valencia made lots of friends on the plane who also didn't sleep most of the flight. 10+ hours is a LLLOOOOOOONNNGGGGG time on the airplane with only a small layover and on another plane for another 2+ hours. My ass has never been more asleep than that day and night and next day - not fun!

We had 2 little hiccups. Valencia puking on the plane while she was sleeping because of the turbulance and than she had a MAJOR meltdown before going through customs from tiredness, anxiety and the just fear of the unknown. Things already looked different from her little perspective.

My uncle came to pick us up in a truck and she refused to get in, she said she wanted to go in Mommy's car. It was hard to explain that my car wasn't here and we had to go with Mauricio. Thankfully some family friends came to the airport and brought her presents that kept her occupied.

I'll be back for the Part dos my next free moment (girls asleep and finding wifi) ~ between eating amazing comida (food) and la playa (beach). I will also post pictures.

Merry Christmas friends ~ and to the tribe enjoy the movies and yummy chinese food!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bon Voyage

Jet setting to Punta del este early in the morning! I'll post something fun as soon as I gain internet access in Uruguay!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

The countdown is ON!

3 more days until TAKE-OFF! I am so excited yet nervous, happy and sad about leaving Peter for THREE weeks.
I have this huge pile of stuff to pack in our bedroom that is overtaking our lives. Can you even pack lite when taking a baby, a three year old and a women that likes shoes and summertime? I have a feeling that's a big NO!

Needless to say it's all I can think about - I don't want to forget anything. Even though I am not sure why it's not like they don't have this stuff over there. I think as long as we have our passports we will be ok.

Off to more to do lists, start packing, birthdays and family get togethers today. Hopefully I will be back at full force once our trip has started. I am hoping to capture the essence of our trip and distill it "blooooogggggg" style so you don't miss a beat of this crazy wonderful expericence we are about to embark on.

Valencia is so excited she is jumping out of her skin

Peter is getting his full of torturing the girls before we leave

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Festival Of Lights

Happy Chanukah to the Tribe! Here are a few snapshots of our family Chanukah party last Friday.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Roots and Sol Publishing

I have finally finished both books (one is a Birthday Book & the other is a Wedding Album) I have been working on. I can "unveil" one since it's been gifted (and very well received) but the other one hasn't been shipped yet so I want to hold off until it's main principals have had the first look.

First I am so excited about my Roots and Sol Publishing Logo. Arturo, the best graphic designer west of the mighty Mississippi designed this for me; he says it isn't completed but I went ahead and used it anyways :)

I made this book for the LOVE of my nephew who turned one this month!

I am working on my website which will make it much easier to order these customized books. But for the time being...start taking lots of pictures, or let me know if you have any Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, etc., that you want to preserve with a personalized book.  I would love to work on these books as the finished product is stunning and will be with your family forever.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Fugitive

Today was interesting...Valencia who usually snacks in the car was eating trail mix today. Nothing unusual. What was unusual is when I saw her picking her nose I asked her if she would like a kleenex which she usually responds "NO". But today she said "Yes". I thought oh crap I don't have any! "Ok, when we get up to Babie's we'll get you one."

As I was doing my usual drive around my Parent's condo area in downtown SD looking for a parking spot Valencia sneezed a couple of times and I noticed she was drooling and acting kind of funny. I was now at a red light so I looked back at her and she was now digging for gold. I was like "Yo, V what is up???" And than the truth came out...she started to sob and confessed that she had a raisin stuck up her nose!

What? A raisin, where? What a raisin in your nose? Valencia Rose??!!! Ok calm down I thought to myself. I called my dad and was like "Oh my gosh Valencia stuck a raisin up her nose and it's stuck come and get her and do surgery NOW!"

So I went to the lobby to meet with my Dad and hand off Valencia. I found a parking spot and went upstairs hoping they caught that Fugitive up there. But V was freaking out, we had to pin her down with a huge flashlight and some eyebrow tweezers. I would be freaking out too if my Dad was coming at me with a huge flashlight and tweezers to root around in my nose. We saw The Fugitive up there but after a few pushs with the tweezer it escaped around her frontal lobe. Not out but further up circling my little girls brain like a satellite circling the earth. So I googled - "Raisin up Nose" (this must happen often b/c there's a website which also links to (why this is a non profit, I have no clue).

After reading a few websites they all recommend you take your bundle of joy to the closest ER. Thankfully I was thinking clearly today and I rung her doctors office. They said we had to come immediatley and they would squeeze us in. The Fugitive, who now was on the Most Wanted List by the FBI, days were numbered. I never knew a raisin up ones nose would be such an emergency. But who knows where that thing goes once it's gone out of eye's view.

She fell asleep in the car, I guess all that excitement pooped her out. So we arrived at the doctors after having to lure V to the car and the doctors with chocolate (gotta love bribery). What she didn't know was the worst was to come. So they made me weigh her while holding her since she was still snoring, uggg which meant they were going to have  to weigh me too. Even though we were just there last week for her 3 year check up.

Finally the doctor arrived and I had to lay her on the table, V rudely awoke to the doctor going straight at her nose with a light and some crazy long glass apparatus. V than became violent... kicking and screaming - oh man that sucked to watch. I think The Fugitive and V developed some wierd Stockholm syndrome and were like "in tune" with each other and their plight.

Then V threw up (missed everyone, but nailed the wall) and I finally I got her to calm down and very gently, while holding and hugging her explained we had to get that raisin a.k.a The Fugitive out of her nose... that if she worked with us (Doctor with long scary glass tube) this would soon be over with. With a little less struggle that little nasty raisin/Fugitive came out. When I say Nasty I mean NASTY! We left and she was happy as a kid in a candy store.

That was my lovely afternoon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Punta here we come!

I am so excited about getting so close to the end of 2009. I have so much to look forward to... Starting with Chanukah this Friday night - 8 crazy nights! Our family has a Chanukah party every year. My Mom cooks up latkes, we exchange gifts and we keep another family tradition going all while doing shots of Manischewitz and trimming the tree and starting the Advent calender (kidding! just making sure you are reading for content).

I have 3 or 4 birthday parties coming up which usually sounds cumbersome (it's all that darn cake, piñatas made of steel and Keg stands) to me but I am looking forward to seeing my girlfriends and all their little offspring. I haven't seen my "Mommy group friends aka Hot Mamas" in so long! I so enjoy getting to see them all and catching girls have grown up with their kids and it's a strong circle of beautiful women.

I am super stoked for my trip in less than 3 weeks to Punta Del Este - the sexiest playground in all of South America to many outsiders. To me it represents comfort, family, asado (BBQ over wood), ice cream, and pure unadulterrated enjoyment. It all seems so familiar. I have been going to Punta Del Este since I was very young and lived over there for a year collecting my shit.

I look forward to the smell asado over wood flame, the foods, and La Playa (beach). Seeing my family and friends and this year Valencia will be able to really enjoy playing with her cousins, picking up a few new words (most likely the colorful/dirty words) in Spanish and getting to see another corner of the world. I will relish taking her to the playas of Punta and have her run in the cool thing about going over there is the safety, if a young one gets lost, the entire beach will start clapping until child and parent are reunited...the other is the Ice Cream vendors who call out "Healado" only more like "Heeeeeaaallllldddoooo!

I plan on reflecting on 2009 and setting new goals for 2010. 2010 will be different. I have a fire and desire to really put my creativity at the top of my list. But also start new projects that will enhance our lives both spiritually and financially. I will always struggle with balance while I have young kids but as each year passes by I become more aware of what I want to instill in my children. It is up to me to guide them to have a healthy, happy and meaningful life.

A chapter will soon close and a new one will begin. It's up to us to write it as we envision it.

P.S. Please call my husband to make sure he stays on the Reservation....3 weeks is a long time to be Home Alone with  a little white dog.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Fun

Today was my nephews birthday party. It's bittersweet to see babies go from babies to toddlers. Our babies are only small for one year. I mean they will always be our "baby" but after one year...their smell changes, their likes and attitude change. They turn into little people. My sister-in-law did an amazing job and it was a total success!

Happy Birthday to the cutest nephew EVER~!

I also have to share Jenny's work. She did all the cakes/cupcakes/cookies for the party. She does beautiful work and everything was super tasty. Jenny charges only to cover her expenses and the rest is a donation to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She also did a cupcake decorating activity with the kids - that was a huge hit!

check out her work:

Here is what she did for my nephew. His personal little cake was vegan.

Some party snapshots

The party was at my parents party room of their condo building. I had to go upstairs to change Toby's diaper. While I was in the room Valencia came across my mom's oxygen machine that she has to use at night. She was recently diagnosed with moderate apnea. So our conversation went like this:

Valencia: mom what's this?
Me: Babie (pronounced Bobby - my mom goes by this name it means little grandma in Yiddish) has to use this when she sleeps.
Valencia: what for?
Me: so she can breath better? It gives her body more oxygen.
Valencia: That doesn't sound good
Valencia exits the room with a puzzled look

I paused and thought to she picked up on that pretty fast. I couldn't agree more!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Times are a Changin'

I love change, in fact I embrace it. When I was in my 20's I use to move around a lot, every two years. Mostly because I was a gypsy, I wanted to find just the right spot of where I felt I belong. I was searching for something, chasing it. I couldn't quite wrap my arms around it until I finally realized what I was chasing to find. It was myself. I learned so much with all my travels. I loved the change of every new city. Meeting new people but mostly I love being met by new challenges that provoke me to change and grow...for the better.

Today I am met with new challenges. Very different from back in the day when I didn't have many responsibilities I felt like I was a child of the earth, free. However, the challenges that have been handed to me today also make me grow. They remind me to grow... to be better. The responsibility of being a mother, a wife, a sister & an in law, an aunt, a daughter and a friend challenges me to evolve and be so much better than I think I can be.

While I was at the gym I was thinking of change and how much I embrace it. But I have realized many people have a much harder time with it. We change because something is wrong, broken or hurting someone or ourselves. Even losing 75 LBS's has changed me, not physically but mentally. I have realized that I was so hard on myself. I chastised myself because all the weight I put on. But I knew I had to change and if I didn't do anything about it I would have gone on beating myself up and feeling horrible.

I have come to realize that if we complain and don't do anything about our problems and concerns than nothing will ever change. I just don't feel comfortable with that, it doesn't sit well with me. Don't get me wrong it's hard but in the end it might just be as complex as mind over matter.

I think in this new chapter of change I will look on a much broader scope and change things not only for myself and my childrens lives but for our future, planet and well being.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hitting the gym

It sucks but I got to do it. The only time I can find to hit the gym is after the girls go to bed. Thankfully I have trained them to go to bed early so by 7:30 I usually can be out the door. I have 5 more pounds until I hit the 80 LBS down! But I am currently stuck at my current weight because I haven't be able to work out. I know I have to make it a priority again to keep on track. Which means blogging happens when I can squeeze it in. There is so much to do such little time. But I do have to wear a swimsuit in 3 weeks :)

I have been working on some fun projects, I can't wait to share. I know I keep on saying that but I promise they are the end of next week I will be able to share at least one of my books if not both.

Off to take a much needed shower and to bed!
buenas noches!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Here are some more pictures from the wedding the other night. These are the pictures from the photographer, he took some awesome are just a few.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Style

Last Wednesday we (MPE & I) were honored to attend a small intimate wedding dinner for a close friend of my oldest brother who is originally from Argentina. It was at Puerto La Boca, a fine little Argentinian restaurant in Little Italy. It was typical Latin Style. Party started at 8:30pm, not many people actually got there until 9 and dinner was served at 11. Between 9 & 11 there was delicious appetizers served, a tango show and lots of interesting conversations with other Uruguayan/Argentinian immigrants. This excited me for my upcoming trip to Uruguay. I can't wait to be surrounded by Español, the Atlantic Ocean, mi familia, and enriching the lives of my girls. I am so thankful for this. Felicidades Diego & Marina!
Here are a few pictures from a lovely evening.

The next morning we had an early wake up call -  MPE, the girls & I were off to Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5k walk/run. This was our second year participating in this but I am sure it will be a life long tradition for our family. It was such a great way to start our Thanksgiving Day.

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My new mantra...for right now...

I don't have too much to say...actually that's not true. I don't have too much time to write tonight. I need as much sleep as I can catch. I have been working hard on two of my photo books which I am excited to soon as I complete these novellas I will post them.

But I will leave you with the mantra that has been going on in my head for the past couple of days like a bad Hall and Oates tune. I find it so fitting in my life right now. It's something Kate Moss said. I don't really consider her a role model or a mentor but she recently said, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".

I can relate so much to that idiotic tidbit right now. I love it. Sounds crazy, almost on the verge of some eating disorder (thank g-d my cousin is an eating disorder clinical pyschologist) so I am not too worried. But after carrying around excess weight with my pregnancies and finally fitting into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes (yay for me 74.5 LBS down) I can say it does feel better than anything I have tasted...for right now.

OK, my thoughts are straying to BED...enjoy life and remember to GOBBLE-GOBBLE.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Daily Schtick

It's funny how my priorities change on a daily basis, actually on an hourly basis. When I wake saying to myself that today I HAVE to get this done than my energy and focus channels there. Unfortunately I haven't made my blog a priority the past 4 days and I feel like I have totally neglected my writing. I am so sorry blog.

Between birthday parties, Thanksgiving feasts at V's school, Thanksgiving coming up, planning & buying for our big trip at the end of December and a few other projects I have going on... I have just been too busy. Oh yes and of course my full-time job (taking care of the kids, taxi driver, maid, CFO, grocery shopper, etc.) I do have a lot I want to write about - the funny thing is by the time I can sit down I am kind of fried. Like hard. Tired and thinking/planning for the next day's adventures.

I get woken up every morning at 6 am (the Swiss could set their watches...) by V coming into my room needing help to put her pj's back on. See, every night before going to bed...she tells me a story about how hot she is and she just can't bare to wear any pajamas. So in the wee hours of the morning, with my eyes closed... I feel around, helping her climb back into her pjs (the feet on the bottom can be challenging sometimes, especially when they are inside out). She than usually wants me to get up and hands me my glasses or she jumps (literally and she has a great vertical) in bed with us and squirms until one of us gets up.

So, my point is I have not forgotten about you Blog and I have longed to write, I just need a few more hours in my day.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A little Velveeta (Cheesy)

I'm not one to dress my kids the same, it's just not my style. But secretly I thought this would be cute....

I'll be back with more later! Enjoy your day!